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  • caitlinconnors


    Founder, Bright Harbour. Research, Design & Social Innovation. Understand people, make things better.

  • Ross Ingram

    Ross Ingram

    Curious about identity, perspective, and motivation.

  • Miaoxin Wang

    Miaoxin Wang

    A person interested in Humane technology for a better life. Amateur in Chinese Zither and calligraphy. Certified makeup artist. Loves reading and journaling.

  • Alex Tran

    Alex Tran

    Seeking wisdom from within.

  • James Sterling Bogarts

    James Sterling Bogarts

    Explore: Hero’s Journey | Primal Living | Ancient Philosophies @ Odisea.blog

  • jean julien guyot #aspie

    jean julien guyot #aspie

    Neural data collector & VR/AR - Canada - QC - Montréal

  • Ege Arslan

    Ege Arslan

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