Whereby — A template for better Recruitment

I’m just starting my recruitment process with Whereby for their new User Researcher role, and there’s been a number of really nice features built into their process so far. Here’s an ongoing list :)

  1. Posting was made on an industry specific Slack channel. This made it much more accessible to me, than an internal job board!
  2. Recruitment FAQ addressed things that allow for a better interview user experience. It also was helpful in revealing bits and pieces of their internal culture. The Visual Learner version by Mark Philips was VERY useful for me and spoke out the ideas better for me. I hope they do more of this.
  3. The automated recruitment process emails were so incredibly warm and well written. This gives me the energy confidence to focus on the right things.

Toronto-based curious mind. User Experience Researcher looking to allign tech with better Mental Health. ngnmark.com

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